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Zeeland is the province of the water. The eternal battle against water is noted everywhere in the history books. Well-known areas that have lost the battle against the water are "The drowned land of Saeftinghe" and "The drowned land of South Beveland". These areas are exactly what the name suggests: pieces of land that are completely flooded, largely during the All Saints' Flood of 1570. The result is a beautiful nature reserve in Zeeland. From May to October you can visit here almost daily under the guidance of a guide. But Zeeland has so much more to offer than that. Many villages in the Zeeland area, including Hulst, each have their charms and provide a picturesque community. There is no shortage of outings and activities in Zeeland. Hulst is the perfect base for various Zeeland places such as Terneuzen or Middelburg, but is also in a triangular relationship with the Belgian Antwerp and Ghent.

Fortified city of Hulst in Zeeland

Hulst has always been a fortified city. The fortifications were placed in the 17th century and consisted of six gates, four ravelins, nine strongholds and a city mill. Today, three of the six city gates can still be admired and the city mill is still intact. Although not the complete fortifications are still standing, Hulst is unmistakably a Fortified city, where a 3.5 km long walk over the city walls provides beautiful pictures. Otherwise, you can enjoy the 68 national monuments in the city, including the City Hall, the Grote Markt and the Basilica. For more information, visit the website of the VVV

Activities Zeeland

Zeeland and Hulst are also worth a visit for those who are fans of the real Zeeland Burgundian lifestyle. For example, the Zeeland VVV organizes real "Sneukel routes," where the delicacies of Hulst occupy a central place and you immediately walk a historic route through the old city. The delicacies always differ per season, so it is always a surprise what they are now presented with. Read more here.

Hulst in Zeeland is certainly not a sleepy village where the only activities consist of walking and random visits to a shop or the Intratuin. For example, there are numerous annually recurring events that draw all the citizens of Hulst from their homes and entice outside visitors to come to the city. The Vestrock musical festival in such an example and always takes place in June. Numerous events are organized throughout Zeeland Flanders throughout the year, which are definitely worth a visit. Look for an up-to-date overview on this event calendar.

Business Zeeland

Hulst is also ideal for business visitors, given the excellent connection with the industrial regions. Will you be working in the region and are you looking for a hotel in Kallo, Ghent, Terneuzen or elsewhere in the region? Hotel Hulst offers you a excellent place to stay at for short and longer periods. We also take into account alternative working hours, for example, by serving breakfast from 6:00 am.