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Activities in Hulst

Zeeland and Hulst are definitely worth a visit for those who are fans of the real Zealand burgundian lifestyle. The Zeeland Tourist Office organizes real 'Sneukelroutes,' for example, in which the delicacies of Hulst take up a central position and you immediately walk a historic route through the old city. The delicacies vary according to the season, so it is always a surprise what you will be served.

Hulst in Zeeland is certainly not a sleepy village where the only activities consist of walking and randomly visiting a store or the Intratuin. For example, there are numerous annual events that draw all Hulst residents out of their homes and entice visitors from outside to come to town. The musical festival Vestrock in such an example and always takes place in June. Throughout Zeeuws-Vlaanderen there are numerous events throughout the year that are definitely worth a visit.

Not sure what to do in and around Hulst? Here's a list of our favorites to get you started!

Unique landscape

The surroundings of Hulst have a lot to offer. The Drowned Land of Saeftinghe is a unique European Natural Park. From May through October you can visit this area almost daily with a guide. Next to the land of Saeftinghe is the tidal harbor of Paal. The oldest part of the Netherlands can also be found in Hulst; In the Meester van der Heijden Groeve in Nieuw Namen you can walk around between layers of earth that are millions of years old and you will gain an insight into the history of the earth.

Walking & Cycling in Zeeland

Zeeland Flanders is also excellent for cycling and walking along creeks and dikes. There are several walking and cycling routes through the special landscape. Discover the Klingse Bossen, the Wallen van Hulst or the vast polders between Hulst, Axel and Zelzate. Walking in Zeeland has never been so much fun!

Verbeke Foundation

The Verbeke Foundation is a museum in the East Flanders municipality of Kemzeke that manages the private art collection of Flemish Waasland collector Geert Verbeke. At 3 kilometers from Hotel Hulst you will find this collection place of surrealistic art. With 12 hectares of nature reserve and its 20,000 m² of covered spaces, the Verbeke Foundation is one of the largest private initiatives for contemporary art in Europe.

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